Learning in 2015

I am a latecomer to the MOOC and other free education resources.

There’s some great audio courses on  ITunesU that are very suitable for my 90 minute drive to work.  I tend to learn about my interests rather than what is useful, for instance Hannibal’s crossing of the alps.  The 20+ hours spent learning about the International System at least gives me a little confidence that I am better informed than the average Joe on how we got to 2015 (or 2008 at least).

This format however is less useful for practical computer skills.  Stanford had a CS101 on their OpenEDX platform which ony really required 2-3 hours to complete per week.  This was ideal for me and really gave me a good grasp of some basics.   Now however I’m really struggling to find something more rigorous without an increased time commitment.

I’m now exploring Saylor.org which has less bells and whistles but really looks like it will allow me to learn at a pace that suit me and has courses at a number of levels beyond introductions to subjects.  As a start I think I will brush up on my school maths skills, largely forgotten over 20 years.